Client Business objective

  • Provide executive gifts to Flagstar Wholesale Lending VIP clients.


  • Gift item must have universal appeal, but must also be individually personalized.

Marketing Approach & Solution

  • Mercury sourced a Powermat wireless charging system as a highly useful/desirable item for the busy executive gift recipients.
  • All gift items were custom printed with the Flagstar logo printed directly onto the Powermat, co-branding Flagstar with a high-end brand name.
  • For an added VIP touch, direct phone calls were made to each executive’s administrator in advance to capture the specific brand/model of their personal mobile phone devices.
    • Mercury ordered the compatible connectors from the manufacturer to pre-link each executive’s specific brand of mobile devices with their Powermat.
    • Mercury Fufillment Team custom gift packed the appropriate Powermat with the corresponding connection devices and delivered to each executive.


  • Flagstar received very positive word of mouth feedback to the gifts and has continued to retain these loyal repeat customers.
  • Several gift recipients commented that they were appreciative of the time Flagstar took to create a product that was matched exactly to their devices, right out of the box!