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Client Business Objective

  • Provide accurate co-op balances to all Sherwin-Williams customers that accrue funds.
  • Ensure all co-op advertising materials being executed by Dealers in the marketplace are utilizing corporate-approved Sherwin-Williams materials and assets.


  • The current Sherwin-Williams co-op program involved a multi-step ordering process for the Dealers that required significant administrative time to process claims, approvals and funding – often resulting in inconsistent/improper use of co-op advertising.

Marketing Approach & Solution

  • Mercury developed a comprehensive Sherwin-Williams Dealer Information Center portal, providing Dealers with a seamless online ordering process that reports all co-op information in real-time:
    • Co-op funding is integrated with an online Ad Builder tool that allows Dealers to create their own direct mail, billboards and print ads from corporate-approved assets, purchase a mailing list/media, and have the ads placed/fulfilled – all at pre-set pricing that automatically deducts the funds from co-op.
    • Info Center provides direct access to a branded merchandise eStore, customized for multiple Sherwin-Williams brands.
  • Dealer portal provides Sherwin-Williams Sales personnel view-only access to their Dealers’ accounts to monitor activity in real-time.


  • Co-op related Dealer phone calls to Sales Reps. were reduced by 75% due to easy, immediate access to current information regarding co-op payments and balances on the new portal.
  • All direct mail created on the portal eliminated the need for a support claim, significantly reducing the amount of administrative time.