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Client Business Objective

  • Develop a Trade Promotion Management business and marketing center of excellence portal for Owens Corning roofing contractor partners, as part of Owens Corning’s corporate commitment to “be the easiest company for their partners to do business with.”


  • Trade site must be integrated with 3 separate Owens Corning platforms to make them appear as a seamless process for all contractor site users.

Marketing Approach & Solution

  • Mercury conducted a week-long kaizen session with key Owens Corning stakeholders to define Goals, Expectations, and Business Rules for the new site. Results of the session were used to create the site’s user interface.
  • Broad-ranging site functionality includes:
    • Fully integrated co-op fund balance flows through the entire system with all transactions updated in real time, allowing visibility to balances and permitting the use of funds to make purchases from the online store
    • Direct access to the Owens Corning branded merchandise eStore
    • Contractor capability to customize various assets online
    • Online fulfillment of literature and samples
    • Online warranty registration
    • Other convenient online Business Tools to aid contractors in growing their business


  • Improved site traffic and repeat use was realized immediately with overall volume for samples and literature showing significant increases.
  • Based on this success the site was quickly expanded beyond Roofing to additional Owens Corning Contractor Business Centers, including Insulation and Certified Energy Experts.