Business Objective

  • Create consistency and centralize control of the 400+ rewards programs currently being independently implemented across the Marriott Vacation Club International organization.


  • Effectively change behavior for 8,000+ employees across a large decentralized, multi-national organization.
  • Current Marriott rewards programs had poor participation and little to no shared learning between program owners.

Marketing Approach & Solution

  • Mercury developed a centralized “Talent Rewards” program unifying each major functional area of the business: Customer Acquisition, Customer Experience, Customer Operations and Corporate.
    • Provides balance of centralized purchasing and influence while maintaining the local autonomy of admin teams.
    • Accommodates multiple budgeting approaches for different programs.
  • Platform assigns varying point values to pre-defined behaviors designed to enhance profit and provides cumulative rewards to participants who successfully execute the programs.


  • Year one rewards participation increased across the organization to 11,000 participants in 580+ programs at a 90%+ utilization rate.
  • Reduced program management costs by 53%.