Business Objective

  • Process product merchandise returned to Sam's Club stores.


  • Reverse Logistics or Returns can be a painful, time consuming and costly process for a manufacturer.  Their main focus is on getting their product(s) to the retailer, not on processing returns.
  • A company that does not monitor it's returns can cut between 15% and 30% in credit issuance by correcting this process.

Marketing Approach & Solution

  • Mercury developed a system utilizing hand held scanners to capture all pertinent information from each Club:
    • Bar codes are scanned providing product information.
    • Mercury inspects each returned item to determine whether it can be returned to inventory for future sale, or re-packaged if damaged or destroyed.
    • Data is uploaded and emailed to client reducing unnecessary paperwork and re-keying Club information.


    • Reverse Logistics Accuracy is over 99.5%. 
    • Our solution decreased the amount of time for manufacturers to process returns at Sam’s Club and the number of return credits for products that are not theirs.