Business Objective

  • Improve the effectiveness of at-event distribution of Kellogg’s product samples and literature via mobile sampling events nationwide.


  • Only about half of the variety of Kellogg’s products/literature intended for consumer sampling was actually successfully being distributed by the Kellogg's event teams at each venue.

Marketing Approach & Solution

  • Mercury established an inventory management and fulfillment process for pre-packaging the various Kellogg’s sampling items for shipment to the mobile event teams:
    • Mercury sources and procures custom-imprinted sampling gift bags which the event teams can quickly and easily distribute to individual attendees at each event.
    • Kellogg’s product is shipped in standard pallets to Mercury warehouse.
    • Mercury assembles pre-packaged sampling gift bags complete with product samples and literature, customized to specification for each event.
    • Mercury boxes and ships the specified quantity of pre-packed sampling gift bags to each event team in advance of each event.


  • Upon switching to the pre-packaged samples, distribution targets at each venue were exceeded while product inventory loss dramatically decreased to less than 5%.