Business Objective

  • Maintain Clearwire brand presence at retail via ongoing merchandising of consumer promotions, which must be continually updated in-store to stay current and competitive in the ever-changing, fast-paced world of high-speed wireless internet services.


  • Clearwire required a fulfillment supplier flexible enough to accommodate:
    • Ongoing monthly receipt and coordination of multiple promotional materials from varying sources.
    • Accurate kit packing of custom market-specific versions.
    • Systematic delivery to multiple retailers nationwide within aggressive timeframes.

Marketing Approach & Solution

  • Mercury coordinated implementation of the following internal/external systems and processes across various source providers to ensure accurate and timely identification of all inbound materials to Mercury warehouse:
    • Each source provider is assigned Part Numbers to imprint on each item, ensuring proper identification of items versioned for the various markets.
    • File formats for receiving, order processing and mailing addresses are standardized among the various source providers for greatest efficiency.
    • Daily inventory uploads provide Clearwire up-to-date information to assess any reprint needs in time for upcoming promotions. 


  • Mercury’s systematic process enables accurate fulfillment of each monthly promotion, versioned by market, within 24 hours from receipt of materials to the Mercury warehouse.